Monday, April 28, 2014

April 27, 2014

The Sum of Your Life -- mp3 archives & playlists

broadcast on on April 27, 2014, hosted by Andrew (aka Ironing)

[101MB, ~2 hours]

Artist -- "Track title" -- Album (Label)

Digital Natives-- "Natural Toboe"  -- A Pitney cassette (Twin Palm Cinematics)
Rauh -- "6 In The Morning" -- Tunnel Vision cassette (Rotting Chapel)
Bob Bellerue -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- Butcher's Broom LP (Prison Tatt)
Die Reihe -- "ok" -- Sound Demonstration cassette (Bahn Mi Verlag)
Isaac Willow -- "Untitled" -- Treamplasturin cassette (Twin Palm Cinematics)
NRIII -- "The Vultures Of Bones" -- The Algea LP (Prison Tatt)
Forced Into Femininity -- "Party Time" -- Messiah Of Evil cassette (Human Conduct)
Forced Into Femininity -- "Follow My Every Whim" -- Messiah Of Evil cassette (Human Conduct)
Ironing -- "Muddy Dare" -- The Static Fanatic Turns Five: 2008​-​2013 net release (The Static Fanatic)
Lady, Come -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- Lady, Come cassette (CD's Tapes?)
Sick Lion -- "Unknown" (track 5 of CDr) -- Unknown cdr (Self Released)
Bromp Treb -- "Tainted Pastoral" -- Nonfood Bespoke Innovation cassette (Yeay Plastics)
Cool Person -- "Sun Rise Joy Ride_Car Chase With Ray Bands" -- Cool Person cassette (Permanent Nostalgia)
PCRV -- "01/23/03" -- Archive Volume One cassette (Fluxus MT)
Social Junk -- "Deserve" -- Give Up cassette (Ascetic House, January Program)

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