Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Broadcast Feb 1, 2010

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Artist -- "Title" -- Album (Label)

Andrew Chadwick -- "Suede" -- Unreleased (Unreleased)
Royallen -- "Untitled" [Side A] -- Motivational Tape cassette (Vanishing Hour Revival)
A. Stroud -- "Fitness Jogging" -- Fitness Jogging (Unreleased)
Antigua Ibis -- "Untitled" [Side A] -- Visages Of Tlaloc (Rotifer Cassettes)
Newton -- "Untitled" [Track 5] -- Right Lung (Breathmint)
Milton -- "Elbow Lullaby" Mmmmmmm (Breathmint)
Sanguine Vessel -- "Untitled" Dawn Of A New Grim Age CDr compilation (Breathmint)
Seekers Of The Claw -- "Paper" Jams From The Creep Hole CDr compilation (Breathmint)
Newton & King Darves -- "Untitled" [Track 1] -- Scumtribe Jams CDr (Breathmint)
Unicorn Hard-on -- "Bird In Hand" -- Rare Youth 2xCD (Rare Youth)
Perspectives -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- Perspectives cassette (Vanishing Hour Revival)

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