Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Playlist for February 15, 2010

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Artist -- "Title" -- Album (Label)

Crown Now -- "Side" -- Drag City Dragnet CDr (Self-released) -- started skipping due to spray paint/screen smudges on surface!
Unicorn Hard-On -- "Your Many Furry Features" -- Self-titled cassette (Tangled Hares)
Newton -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- Inhuman cassette (Breathmint)
Newton -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- Unhuman cassette (Breathmint)
Newton -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- Subhuman cassette (Breathmint)
Morally Gray -- "Untitled" (Side A, excerpt) -- Plays The Frogs & Toads Of Georgia cassette (Breathmint)
Unicorn Hard-On -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- Untitled C1 cassette (Breathmint)
Strikeout -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- Batter Up C1 cassette (Breathmint)
God Willing -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- Fuck The Sun C1 cassette (Breathmint)
FUN -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- Destroy C1 cassette (Breathmint)
Hoverboard -- "Untitled" (Track 2) -- Hoverboard CDr (Humid Tapes)
Tarpit -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- Apart, Fading cassette (Green Records)
tinnitusstimulus -- "Guatemalan bazooka" -- 8 Years of Garbage 2xCDr (Deaf Culture Music)
Morally Grey -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- For 4th cassette (Breathmint)
Fiver's Stereo -- "Untitled" (Side A, excerpt) -- The Automatic Confessional vs. The Analog Synthesizer cassette (Self Released)
This Is My Condition with Dan Kozak -- "Untitled" (Track 5) -- This Mission CDr (Self Released)
Pittman/Woolf/Maherr -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- The Herpes Of Crafts Cassette (Cherried Out)
Wild Gunmen -- "Christ Walked" -- Wild Gunmen CDr (Ore Records)
Wild Gunmen -- "Throbbing Cock" -- Wild Gunmen CDr (Ore Records)
Wild Gunmen -- "Bitches" -- Wild Gunmen CDr (Ore Records)
Burak -- "Untitled" (Track 3) -- Lost Tapes CDr (Breathmint)
Morally Gray -- "Untitled" (Side A, excerpt, continued) -- Plays The Frogs & Toads Of Georgia cassette (Breathmint)

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