Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Sum of Your Life: March 23, 2009

Hosted by Ironing
broadcast March 23, 2009

listen live Mondays 8-10pm EST
contact: sumofyourlife (at) gmail (dot) com

download mp3 at


Silica-Gel - "The Sum of Your Life" [from 50) Noisy Children Party CD on Wifflefist]

Glass Witch - "Ball" [from self-titled tape on Hot Releases]

Glass Witch - "Nice To Me" [from self-titled tape on Hot Releases]

Glass Witch - "Pop Pop"
[from self-titled tape on Hot Releases]

Id M Theft Able - "I Turn It On & I Turn It Off" [from Intendo Innuendo w/ An Inuit In It CDR on Mang-Disc]

Ordinary Machinery [side A from Stand While Fields Pass tape on Three Songs Of Lenin]

AMK - track 3 from Possible Silence/Heddenfield 2x3" CDR on Recordings For The Summer

Pairs - "PF128" [unreleased]


Burak - [from recycled tape on Obelisk Sounds]

No Limit Cycle - "Alqualonde" (beginning) [unreleased]

Ironing - Live in Birmingham, AL on November 22, 2005 [unreleased]

Tricorn & Queue
- Ragged Bright Degrees side A [Housecraft]

Dubbio Nil
- Seed, Fruit, Thorn [Hymns]

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