Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Sum of Your Life: March 16, 2009

Hosted by Ironing
broadcast March 16, 2009

listen live Mondays 8-10pm EST
contact: sumofyourlife (at) gmail (dot) com

download mp3 at


Silica-Gel "The Sum Of Your Life" [from 50) Noisy Children Party CD on Wifflefist]

Sewn Leather "Entertain Me" [from I Live Like This Cause I Like It LP on Yours Records] -- Sounds weird because I played it through the internal speaker of my Califone record player into the studio mic when the line out suddenly didn't work and I had nothing else cued up.

Stevie Wonder 45


+ Biz Markie

+ Hal McGee

Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn [CDr on West Palm Beotch]

+ microcassette recordings

+ Biz Markie

+ Shyheim The Rugged Child

Charlie Mcalister "I'm Gonna Leave This Town" [from self titled retrospective compilation CD on Smash The Clock]

+ John Sir Raphael Allen "Eliminate (Dub)" [from 12" on Wild Apache]

+ Repetophile [from The Durability of the Human Ear cassette on Wifflefist]

Keepbullfighting "Last Man" [from Preserve CDr, self released]

+ John Sir Raphael Allen "Eliminate (Dub)" [from 12" on Wild Apache]

+ Aaron Zarzutzki (from one of his day electronics series tapes)

Ironing - JJ Fad tape manipulations

+ John Sir Raphael Allen "Eliminate (Dub)" [from 12" on Wild Apache]

Id M Theft Able [a cdr on Mang-Disc]

+ skipping record

DJ Half Time Show vs. Unknown Shoulder "U Got 2 Slow Down" [from U Got 2 Slow Down on Sounds From The Pocket]

Skullman "Competition" + ??


+ Howard Stelzer "This Map Is A Gift" [from This Map Is A Gift CDr on Gameboy]

+ "Sound Fi Dead vol 1" soundclash cdr

+ Palmerforce Two "Street Wars (Dub Mix)" [from The Bass That Ate Miami tape on Pandisc]

+ Tori Amos bleeding through sound fi dead

+ microcassette

Rubbish "Rake" [from Rake CDR on Obelisk Sounds]

+ Sound Fi Dead Vol 1 + Tori Amos

+ Poison Posse

+ Id M Theft Able + Jay Z [from self-released tape]

+ Double Trouble "Black Ski Mask" from 45

+ microcassette

+ Poison Posse

+ Shyheim The Rugged Child from mix tape

+ Mad Lion from mix tape

+ Breaking the Bank game show record -- from record

+ Repetophile [from The Durability of the Human Ear cassette on Wifflefist]

+ skipping dancehall

+ Beenie Man "Gimmie" [Demolition Sound vol 2]

+ Elephant Man "Ele Hill" [Demolition Sound vol 2]

+ Lady Saw "Jealous" [Demolition Sound vol 2]

+ microcassette

+ Smurfs

The Ghost's Lounge, live at Apartment Music #1, Gainesville, FL

+ Portugal record

+ Suicidal Tendencies [bits from self-titled tape]

Blue Shift & Oubliette [from Mock Live tape on Obelisk Sounds]

Hal McGee & Ironing use cassettes as folk music in Tampa, FL

+ Miami radio recorded to tape at INC 2006

+ Paul Wall record

R.L. Stein [live from Dawn of a New Grim Age compilation CDR on Breathmint]

Narwhalz [from Hardcore Beach Crimes tape on Flish Records]

Valerie Martino & Leslie Keffer [little bits from Prissywillow 7" on Tusco Embassy]

Ironing "Keep Spending Money" [from Nassau CDR on Hymns]

Ironing "Before You Lock My Love Away" [from Nassau CDR on Hymns]

Ironing "Like What An Asshole" [from Nassau CDR on Hymns]

Ironing "You Wasn't Worth My Time" [from Nassau CDR on Hymns]

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