Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 27, 2014

The Sum of Your Life -- mp3 archives & playlists

broadcast on on October 27, 2014, hosted by Andrew (aka Ironing)

Due to a studio issue the cassettes played were not recorded so no archive is available at the moment.

[107MB, ~2 hours]

Artist -- "Track title" -- Album (Label)

People Skills -- "Plague For Self" -- Tricephalic Head LP (Siltbreeze)
The Pen Test -- "CEO" -- Interstate LP (Moniker Records)
Giant Claw -- "Orion Pax" -- 22M Never Felt So Alone cassette (Suite 309)
Radio Shock -- "Random Seed" -- Romanse Is The Death Of Intellect cassette (Suite 309)
Container -- "Glaze" -- Adhesive LP (Liberation Technologies)
Phantom Selector -- "Dk.o.5" -- Another Dark Age compilation 12" (Another Dark Age)
Mołr Drammaz -- "Piosenka Zamiast Trawy" -- Neutrop 7" (mik.musik)
Experimental India Radio -- "Mummy Dust Trippers" -- Puja Samargi Pipers / Mummy Dust Trippers cassette (Planes Of Corum)
Sudden Infant -- "No Ticket? No Joke" -- Look Left 3" CD (Entr'acte)
Ryan Jewell -- "O-O" -- Radio, Volume 2 cassette  (Notice Recordings)
God Willing -- "Untitled" (Side A) --  On Dishless Days cassette (Breaking World Records)
Aaron Zarzutzki & Nick Hoffman -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- Exhaustive Explulsion double cassette (Pilgrim Talk)

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