Monday, December 9, 2013

December 8, 2013

The Sum of Your Life -- mp3 archives & playlists

broadcast on on December 8, 2013, hosted by Andrew (aka Ironing)

[166MB, ~2 hours]

Artist -- "Track title" -- Album (Label)

Cube -- "Mint Condition"  -- Automatic No cassette (Saskian)
Cube -- "Man With Child Face"  -- Automatic No cassette (Saskian)
Nag Dolly -- "Untitled" (Side A excerpt) -- Albie's Toe Tie cassette (Hobo Cult)
Viszk -- "Laurent" -- Imprimatur cassette compilation (LMGROVLLUM)
Heat Sureens -- "Tower" -- The Beast At Peace cassette (Housecraft)
Jefferson Mayday Mayday -- "Behold! A Blue Moon Bearthing" -- Eyjafjallajokul cassette (Space Idea Tapes)
Perspectives -- "Untitled" (excerpt) -- split cassette with Coyote Dream Exiles (Hooker Vision)
Oriana -- "Anairo Gold" (excerpt) -- Anairo Gold cassette (Self Released)
Pony Payroll Bones & Orichalcum -- "Ponycum" (excerpt) -- Ponycum cassette (Self Released)
Tinnitustimulus -- "Head Nod" -- Stims cassette (Refulgent Sepulchre)
Lack -- "Garnatxa Negatif" -- Garnatxa Negatif cassette (Grovl)
Digital Natives -- "Untitled" (excerpt, Side A) -- Long Homesweetened Entry cassette (DNT)
Pod Blotz -- "Mirrored Tundra" -- Glass Tears LP (Clan Destine)
Djjjj -- "Untitled" (brief excerpt) -- Bang Bros mixtape cassette (Solace Media Corporation)
Id M  Theft Able -- "Her Blood" -- Her Blood / Blood Blood 2x3" CDr (Orila)
Mammal -- "Medullary Sponge" -- Total Fucking Depression double cassette compilation (Animal Disguise)

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