Monday, February 4, 2013

February 3, 2013

The Sum of Your Life -- mp3 archives & playlists

broadcast on on February 3, 2013, hosted by Andrew (aka Ironing)

Download or stream mp3 at:

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Artist -- "Track title" -- Album (Label)

The Infant Cycle -- "Recognize Dead Media" -- Connection Cassette #4 Compilation (HalTapes)
Insects With Tits -- "Live 6/30/08 Toronto, ON, Canada" -- Scale And Feather CDr (Ilse)
AG Davis -- "Fecund" -- Blanks cassette (Popnihil)
Slasher Risk -- "Untitled" (Track 4) -- Triple Jesus CDr (Self Released)
Terco Wrecker -- "Put An End To It" -- I'm So Mad I Could Dance cassette (Zobnoba)
Terco Wrecker -- "Warning: Accidental Overdose" -- I'm So Mad I Could Dance cassette (Zobnoba)
16 Bitch Pile-up -- "Metatron" -- Brainswamp CDr (S Ranch Recordings)
Horaflora -- "The Gland Canyon" (Side A excerpt) -- The Gland Canyon cassette (Weird Ear Records)
Acid Majik -- "Ghost Town" -- Acid Majik CDr (Self Released)
J. Surak and Hal McGee -- "Dictators Of The Stream" (Excerpt) -- Dictators Of Lofi cassette (HalTapes)
Lavas Magmas -- "Buoyancy/Light" -- Dark Mantle cassette (Dumpster Score)
Climax Denial -- "Motionless Sex" -- Bodies Broken By The Weight Of Time cassette (Ekhein)
Crank Sturgeon -- "Lasting Whip" (Excerpt) -- Sentient Solder cdr compilation (Ratskin)
Newton -- "Dead Cats Don't Meow" -- Dead Cats Don't Meow business card cdr (Breathmint)
Perspectives -- "Silent City" -- Little Bunny Was So Happy compilation CDr (Ilse)

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