Monday, January 14, 2013

January 13, 2013

The Sum of Your Life -- mp3 archives & playlists

broadcast on on January 13, 2013, hosted by Andrew

Download or stream mp3 at:

[174MB, ~2 hours]

Artist -- "Track title" -- Album  (Label)

Witch Wolf -- "Ages" -- March of May cassette (Self Released)
M. Behrens -- "Elapsed Time 3: 1941" -- Elapsed Time CD (Intransitive Recordings)
Aloonaluna -- "Mythology Aluoatta No. 1" -- Mythologies cassette (Watery Starve)
Deep Magic -- "Untitled" (Side B) -- Elemental Interactions LP (Housecraft)
Shelf Life -- "Obsolescence - 2fld" -- Concerning The Absence Of Floors CDr (Friends And Relatives Records)
Work/Death -- "Simplified Methods For Imperfect Messages - Side One" -- Interstitial cassette (Three Songs Of Lenin)
Cool Person -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- Cool Person cassette (Permanent Nostalgia)
Coyote Image Classic -- "Untitled" (Green Tape, Side A) -- Coyote Image Classic double cassette (Hooker Vision)
Andrew Quitter -- "The Silver Tone (Fall)" -- Entering Saturn's Return CDr (Ilse)
Pap Smear Teens -- "Amen" -- Untitled cassette (LMGROVLLUM)
Criminals -- "Untitled" (Side A) -- I Can Dissolve Fog cassette (I Just Live Here)
Ghost In Salad -- "Blahhh" -- split cassette with Anunziata (Self Released)


  1. Really happy I found this show. This is what I needed more of.

  2. yay! there are a few years of archives and more on the way. thanks!