Saturday, September 8, 2012

September 2, 2012

The Sum of Your Life -- mp3 archives & playlists

broadcast on on September 2, 2012, hosted by Andrew

Download or stream mp3:
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Artist -- "Track title" -- Album (Label)

GayBomb -- "Weatherman" (Side A) -- WeatherMan cassette (Ehse)
Sewn Leather -- "Tent In A Babylon" -- Sikknastafari Slash Crasstafari LP (Hundebiss Records)
Blast & The Detergents -- "New Florida" -- Brain Time Now LP (Self Released)
Seziki Tetrasheaf -- "Onus Yan" -- Split 2x cassette with Digital Natives (Rotifer Cassettes)
Seziki Tetrasheaf -- "Ramble, Ramble"-- Split 2x cassette with Digital Natives (Rotifer Cassettes)
Sissy Spacek -- "Remote Control Whale" -- Remote Control Whale Single Sided LP (Gameboy/Helicopter)
Quiet Evenings -- "Gold Coast" -- split LP with Seziki Tetrasheaf (Rotifer Cassettes/Hooker Vision)
Arkm Foam -- "Untitled" (excerpt) -- No Overdubs/Single Track Recording, #1 cassette (Self Released)
Wapstan & Hal McGee -- "CrustStain, Part 1" -- CrustStain (Control Valve)
Form A Log + Morally Gray -- "Untitled" (Tape 2, Side A) -- Plays Tapes 2x cassette (Breathmint)
Digital Natives -- "Blind" -- To See Everything cassette (Housecraft)
J. Zagers -- "Untitled" (Side A excerpt) -- Key Conduction cassette (Human Conduct)

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