Monday, July 11, 2011

July 10, 2011

The Sum of Your Life


Playlist & mp3 for July 10, 2011:

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More playlists and mp3s:

Artist -- "Title" -- Album (Label)

Psychotic Quartet
-- "Seething Foam Of Potential" -- Sphaleron CDr (eh?)
Textured Bird Transmission -- "A Victorian Lady in an Orange Frock Runs Into The Sea In Pursuit of Her Ball" -- Drone Poets compilation 2xCDr (Dead Pilot Records)
Andrew Weathers -- "Dusty Summer Ghost" -- A Great Southern City CD (Full Spectrum)
Andrew Weathers -- "First Front Porch Brooklyn" -- A Great Southern City CD (Full Spectrum)
Ironing -- "Claudine" -- vs. Claudine Longet (Unreleased)
Astma -- "Untitled (Track 10)" -- Dar_k CDr (Self Released)
Leprechaun Catering -- "For Now, Opaque Means "Opaque"" -- Male Plumage LP (White Denim)
Pukeattack! -- "Age" -- Love Cums 1st split LP with The New Flesh (Self-Released)

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