Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 22, 2010 Broadcast

Playlist for March 22, 2010

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Artist -- "Title" -- Album (Label)

Silica-Gel -- "Sum Of Your Life" -- 50) Noisy Children Party CD (Wifflefist)
Hal McGee -- "Dis\rhythmia" [excerpt] -- split microcassette with Don Campau (HalTapes)
Don Campau -- "The River Is My Body" [excerpt] -- split microcassette with Hal McGee (HalTapes)
Xiphiidae -- "Pan Cyan Essence (For Feedback)" -- Waning In Archaic Color Sequence LP (Vanishing Hour Revival)
Zach Moldoff -- "A Contest Is Eminent" [excerpt] -- A Contest Is Eminent (West Palm Beotch)
The Collection Of The Late Howell Bend -- "Shades of Freidrich Finer / Wren Fair" -- Dead You Invited Inside cassette (Rampart Tapes)
Id M Theft Able -- ""Hums and Myths" ('hams and 'mouths" -- Babb's Bridge LP (Veglia, King Fondue, Zeikzak, Taped Sounds)
Ironing -- "Untitled" [Live March 13, 2010 @ Uncle Lou's, Orlando FL] -- Unreleased from cassette (Unreleased)
God Willing -- "Morning Maneuvers" -- Forced To Function 8" lathe cut (Peasant Magik)
Olivier Toulemonde -- "Eclats de Memoire" [excerpt] -- Eclats de Memoire CD (Collectif & Cie)

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