Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Sum of Your Life: June 8, 2009

Hosted by Ironing
broadcast June 8, 2009
listen live Mondays 8-10pm EST
contact: sumofyourlife (at) gmail (dot) com

Download mp3:


Silica-Gel -- "Sum Of Your Life" [from 50) Noisy Children Party CD on Wifflefist]
Secret Abuse -- "One More River To Cross" [from Young Pig cassette on Eager Mother]
K2, AMK, & The Haters -- "Polished Thaw (Bang Mix)" [excerpt, from Three Phenomena CD, Vinyl Communications]
Jessica Rylan -- "Long Slow Changes" [excerpt from Long Slow Changes cassette, Fargone/Icefactory]
Praew Jik -- "Tantric Synthesis" [from Providence And The Pounding Fist CDR, Smell The Stench]

Child Pornography -- "Leave A Message" [off cassette on Barf?]
SHV -- "Untitled" [from untitled self-released cassette]
Child Pornography -- "Checkers Alphabet" [from DNT compilation CDR, DNT Records]
Crown Now -- "Untitled" [excerpts from Riccochets In Crime Scene USA cassette, Zeikzak]
Laco$te -- "Pip 3" [from DNT compilation CDR, DNT Records]
Newton -- "Untitled"[excerpt, Disc 2, track 1 from Left Lung 2xCDR, Breathmint]
Mother Tongue -- "Chapter & Verse: (i) Words, (ii) Shut Their Mouths, (iii) Inside And Outside" [from A Bead To A Small Mouth compilation CD, Barooni]

Nonhorse -- "Drone Moral [excerpt, Drone Moral cassette on DNT Records]
Blurred Movements Volume 3 cassette [excerpt, Basement Sounds]
Nonhorse -- "Drone Moral [excerpt, Drone Moral cassette on DNT Records]
Pairs -- "Always" [self-released CDR]
Redglaer -- "Untitled" [from C1 on Breathmint]
Kevin Shields -- "Vacant Hobbies" [from Men Of Steel cassette on Bored Weapons]

Ordinary Machinery -- "Night Moves vs. Night Shift" [from 998 CDR from Work/Death]

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